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Roof Inspection

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If you live in an area that is subject to hail, then you will want to know how to detect hail roof damage so that you can claim it with your insurance company. After a hail or wind storm, it’s important to have a roof inspection done as soon as you can to prevent any other damages from happening.

It’s important to inspect your roof annually with a professional so that any damage can be identified and resolved before becoming a bigger problem. You can document damage when it occurs so that you can compare the condition of the roof, any new damage present.

Hail damage on asphalt shingle roofs
The most common damage we see after a storm in the Midwest is hail damage after a storm, where there are mineral granules evident particularly on roof slopes facing the direction from which hailstones fell, exposing “fresh” looking shingle substrate. Storm damage will usually occur on differing roof slopes in dissimilar ways

Hail damage to roofs vs. shingle wear

Hail-damaged roof shingles show more of a scoured effect in which larger, more irregularly shaped areas of shingle surface have lost granules. Worn or weathered asphalt roof shingles if inspected early enough in the course of normal aging and wear cycle may show small areas of granule loss, starting with “bald” areas, or micro-spots, which are typically the diameter of a few mineral granules. Accelerated by sun and weather wear, these “bald” spots will have developed over time as opposed to having developed suddenly during a storm.

what you can expect from a roof inspection

CD Strong Construction is the company to trust when a storm hits.
When hiring a professional roofing company, it’s important to use a reputable and accredited company and work with your insurance through the process. Our team is ready to help when a storm happens, and our team of professionals is ready to provide inspections as soon as a storm has happened.

Interior Inspection
A roofing company will conduct an interior inspection, and check the inside of the home for evidence of water intrusion. They might also check your attic for signs of aging, leaks, mold, and moisture. If there are any openings in your roof, they will also be identified and your inspector may recommend you install insulation if your home doesn’t already prevent heat loss.

Exterior Inspection
After the interior inspection is done, the roofer will conduct an exterior inspection and check the outside of the roof for signs of damage. The professional will take a closer look and record things like missing shingles, leaks, damaged flashing, cracked caulk and more.

Roof Repair Estimate
Once the interior and exterior inspections are complete, you will then receive a repair estimate. The roofing specialist will prepare the estimate based on how much damage there is to your roof, the cost of replacement materials and labor. You will then have the option to accept the estimate or not. Once the estimate is accepted, we can start working with your insurance and replace your roof.

Ben and the construction team did an excellent job on the roof. Ben inspected the roof and made sure someone was available to work with my insurance adjuster when he couldn’t make it. The roof was finished in one day with no mess left behind. I highly recommend Ben and CD Strong!

Mike D.

Amazing customer service, Amanda was my Project Manager and made this stressful and difficult time simple. She communicates every step of the way and worked hand in hand with my insurance company making this almost fully hands-off from a homeowners perspective!

Matt H.

Working with Amanda Droege was amazing. The job was done quickly and efficiently. She asked me all the right questions and made sure I was pleased with the work during the entire process! I would highly recommend.

David M.

We worked with Richie and he was so professional and made sure we were getting everything we needed for our new roof. He kept us updated throughout the process which I appreciated. The roofers that showed up were very nice and worked hard to get the job down in one day. I would highly recommend this company to anyone I know. They also have a great 5-year warranty with their roofs as well.

Sarah B.

I would like to thank Amanda and the CD Strong group, they made it so easy with the insurance company on making a claim to the very end, I am so grateful for them they had so much work to do with my house I thought for sure they would just up and leave lol but no they worked and worked and got done in a reasonable time  I was very impressed, they cleaned up and did not leave till I was satisfied that is what it’s about, friends people who actually care and do right! Thank you again CD Strong you’re an awesome group keep up the good work and the great attitude you bring!

Bobbi S.

Very easy to work with and the roof looks great! Ben made the installation smooth and easy. Great company to work with it!

Jason M.

I thought I was facing a new roof after twice having leaks in a bedroom that two other contractors attempted to fix. When it happened again, I contacted these guys. Surely CD Strong would want to put a new roof on, right? Nope. Randy came out, looked at the roof and the ceiling of the bedroom. He opened the ceiling and quickly saw a crack and failed seal of a union in my cast iron exhaust stack. He made the repair, the leaked is stopped and all for a few hundred versus thousands. Guess who I’ll call when it really is time for a new roof? Honest, Open, and Willing people at CD Strong. Thanks to Amanda and Jacob also.

Brian S.

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