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Metal Roofing

Today's metal roofing can provide you with any style or color that would complement your home perfectly. Aluminum can be shaped to look like Tile, Slate, Shingle or Shake.

While the initial cost of a metal roof is much higher then some other roofing materials, it can save you money in the long run. In some states due to the high impact resistance to hail for example, a metal roof can lower your homeowners insurance. Metal will also not be affected by other extreme weather the way other organic roofing materials will, as aluminum won't deteriorate. With the lightweight benefits of metal your roof won't need a heavy-duty truss or structure system for installing.

However, some metal roofs may become dented in extreme hailstorms. These dents overtime may cause leaks, this can be avoided by choosing a stronger metal roofing material.

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Metal Roofing

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