The Effects Hail Damage Can Have on Your Home

Did a hail storm just occur around your house and you’re worried about the damage it caused to your roof? CD Strong Construction is ready to help, but before you schedule your estimate with us, take a minute to remember if you’ve seen any of the below since the hail storm.

It’s dangerous to inspect your roof yourself, so these are some things you can look for on the ground, where you’re not putting yourself into danger. 

  • Dented gutters and downspouts
  • Hail splatter marks on the driveway
  • Damaged siding
  • Broken or cracked glass(windows/doors)
  • Door damage or paint damage
  • Hail damaged cars in the neighborhood
  • Roofing contractor yard signs 
  • Blown off shingles 
  • Damaged outdoor lights
  • Garage door dents/dings
  • Damaged swings/playsets
  • Dented AC condenser/heat pump
  • Damage to fencing
  • Chips or dents to deck stain/paint
  • Dented or splattered metal surfaces

Hail damage can vary and in some cases may not be something that needs to be fixed right away. To cause roof hail damage, it usually takes a hailstone that is 1” or above in diameter. While some roofing materials are more hail-resistant than others, your roof can still become damaged from the hail storm. There are several factors that go into deciding whether a roof needs to be repaired following a hail storm. 

Some of the factors include: 

  • Roof type
  • Roofing material quality
  • Installation methods 
  • Shingle layers 
  • Roof slope
  • Wind speeds
  • Size of hail

You can read more about the different sizes of hail here.

Before you file a claim with your insurance provider, contact CD Strong Construction and ask for a hail damage roof inspection. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with a detailed inspection to help you determine the next steps after the storm.

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